• 1. Name
  • The name of the club is “Muscat Rugby Football Club” (hereinafter called the “Club”)

  • 2. Objectives
  • To promote interest and participation in the game of rugby union and other sports throughout the Sultanate of Oman.

  • 3. Membership
  • Membership comprises of six categories:- 2018 – 2019 Fees – OMR
    Single Family
    2 x Adults
    3 x Children under 16
    Playing Member (21+) 100 150
    Student Playing Member (16 to 21 years) 50
    Club Member 80 130
    Social Member 50 100
    Visitor Member (Non Resident) Per Month 10 20
    Honorary 00 00

    • 3.1 Each prospective member must fully complete a Muscat Rugby Football Club Application Form and submit with passport size photograph and appropriate membership fees to the Membership Secretary for approval.
    • 3.2 Membership shall start on 1st September and end 31st August of each year; with fees paid by 1st October each year.
    • 3.3 Club membership categories will have single or family membership options.
    • 3.4 All members must abide by the rules laid out by the Management Committee. Any breach of these rules (including verbal or physical abuse) may lead to suspension or termination of membership.
    • 3.5 All membership fees shall be determined at the start of the year by the Managament Committee and published to all members.
    • 3.6 No rejected candidate may again be accepted for membership until the expiration of six months from the date of such rejection.
  • 4. Membership Conditions
    • 4.1 Playing Member, Club Member, Honorary Member’s have the right to vote at AGM’s, EGM’s and be part of any Committee.
    • 4.2 All other Membership categories do not have the right to vote or be part of any committee unless authorised by the Management Committee.
    • 4.3 Honorary membership is offered to such persons whose membership of the Club is, in the opinion of the Management Committee, beneficial to the good standing of the Club. It may also be offered to any person who purchased life membership prior to the acceptance of this revised constitution or whose services to the Club are considered by the Management Committee to be so outstanding as to warrant the bestowal of Honorary Membership. The period of time for which Honorary Membership is valid will be determined in each case by the Management Committee. Honorary Members enjoy the same rights as fully paid-up members.

    The category of Life Membership is discontinued.

  • 5. Constitutional Alteration and Amendments
  • 5.1 Any proposed alteration to the Constitution shall only be made at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on the approval of the members present. The AGM/EGM shall have the power to amend any proposal set before it, provided such amendment does not materially affect any part or parts of the Constitution not covered by the notice to the members. In the event of a dispute in the interpretation of the Constitution, the Club Chairman’s decision shall be final.
  • 6. Annual General Meeting
    • 6.1 The Annual General Meeting is the supreme body of the Club and should be presided over by the Club Chairman or his delegate.
    • 6.2 Fourteen days (14) notice shall be given to all members, and the AGM should be held no later than the 31st May.
    • 6.3 The Annual General Meeting is held at the end of each rugby season to inform the members of the previous season’s financial and playing performance and to set forth plans for next season.
    • /
        The agenda of the AGM shall be as follows:-
      • Proposed changes to the Constitution.
      • Reports to the members of the playing statistics, financial report and any other information
      • Election of Management Committee
      • Set the membership fees for following year
      • Forthcoming plans
      • Any other business
  • 7. Management Committee
    • 7.1 The Club’s Management Committee shall comprise of the following officers:-
      • Chairman Secretary
      • Treasurer Club Captain
      • Manager / Coach Fixtures Secretary
      • Sponsorship Events
      • Public Relations / Media Membership Secretary
      • Groundskeeper Vets Representative
      • Muscat Pirates Liasion
      Meetings to be held quarterly or at such time as deemed necessary
    • 7.2 The Management Committee may also set up sub-committees as it considers necessary from time to time and delegate specific powers to these sub-committees.
  • 8. Finance
    • 8.1 The Club will maintain a current account with a registered commercial bank in Oman and may from time to time operate savings and / or deposit accounts as deemed necessary by the Management Committee.
    • 8.2 All cheques and withdrawals must be signed by at least two persons.
      • Signatories are in the following categories:-
      • Primary Signatories:- Chairman and or Treasurer and or Manager.
      • Secondary Signatories:- Any other Officer of the General Committee appointed by the Chairman.
    • 8.3 The Clubs financial year shall end on the 31st March.
    • 8.4 A statement of income and expenditure shall be presented at each AGM.
  • 9. Insurance
    • 9.1 Individual members are responsible for undertaking their own insurance coverage whilst playing or training at or for the Club or using its facilities in any other way.
    • 9.2 No responsibility is accepted by the Club for injuries to any person, member or guest which occur at its premises or grounds or when playing away for MRFC.

    Agreed and accepted on behalf of the Members of the Club

    Chairman – Jamie Houston
    Club Captain – Karl Rasmussen
    Secretary – Trish Pienaar